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Print on Demand Resources

Even though the majority of the Print on Demand platforms out there have gone to great lengths to make their interfaces as user-friendly as possible & have done everything in their power to ensure that the process of uploading your designs etc. is quick, easy and convenient, it’s pretty much inevitabe that at some point you’ll find yourself scratching your head and thinking ‘Ummm… OK, I’m stuck — how the heck am I supposed to do this?’

As well, each specific site invariably has it’s own set of procedures, rules and requirements in place, so something that might work fine on, say, RedBubble may turn out to be a completely different ball of wax on TeePublic or Zazzle…

Image formats, image dimensions, tags, yaddah yaddah… Sometimes it can all be a little bit overwhelming, can’t it? Luckily, there’s this thing called ‘Google’ where you can usually find the answers you’re looking for — if you’re running into problems, chances are somebody out there has run into the same issues and has posted the solution somewhere.

In any event, here’s a short list of informative and indispensable Print on Demand resources & articles that have answered a lot of our questions, generally making life quite a bit easier for us in getting our PoD stores up-and-running…

RedBubble Resources

RB Dimensions & Formats: RedBubble Help Center. Everything you need to know about image sizing and format requirements on RedBubble.

RB Copyright & Trademark FAQ: RedBubble Help Center. Important info re: Copyright, Trademark, Intellectual Property policies on RedBubble.

Video: Designing for RedBubble Products: RedBubble Help Center. A short video on designing for Redbubble products (leggings).

Marketing your Products: RedBubble Help Center. Using off-site marketing on third-party platforms to drive traffic & customers to your shop.

TeePublic Resources

TeePublic Design Guide: PDF docucument — useful info re: designing for TeePublic products.

TeePublic FAQ: Useful information for TeePublic designers, customers and affiliates.

TeePublic How-To Page: Teepublic Blog. Customizing your TeePublic store, designer cheat-sheet, tagging 101 & loads of other useful info.

Zazzle Resources

How to Start Selling on Zazzle: Zazzle Help Center. Video — Five Steps for Opening a Design Store on Zazzle.

Creating and Uploading Images to Zazzle: Zazzle Help Center. Supported Image Types, General Image Size and Resolution Guidelines, Suggested Color Profiles and more.

5 Tips for Creating Great Products: Zazzle Help Center. How to ensure that your designs fit properly on Zazzle products.

Share Your Favorite Designs & Products with Zazzle Collections: Zazzle Help Center. Guide on how to set up & share your Zazzle Collections.

SpreadShirt Resources

Tips for SpreadShirt Designers: SpreadShop Help Center. FAQ, Forums, SpreadShop Help and More.

Vector and Pixel Graphics for SpreadShirt: SpreadShop Help Center. Image dimensions and imageformat requirements for SpreadShirt Designers.

Setting up a Spreadshop Start Page: SpreadShop Help Center. Video — customizing your Shop’s start page and making it more attractive for your target groups.

Promoting Your Shop with Product Feed: SpreadShop Help Center. Video — Setting up a Product Feed for your Shop, allowing communication with services such as Facebook, Google and Instagram.

More to come in the days and weeks ahead! Got a favorite PoD Resource you’d like to share? YouTube Video? Blog Post? Tutorial? Please feel free to drop it in the comments section below!

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Print on Demand Store

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